What's the Best About Our Judo Club?

This photo is of Greg and Ben. Like the rest of us Ben started by learning how to do a forward roll and gentle breakfalls. As he progressed through each grading the throws learnt gradually become increasingly powerful and his feet come higher off the floor. Six years later and you can see the result.

"Fun", "Friendly", "Confidence Building", "improves posture and balance".... some of the many reasons members quoted for joining us.

Why You Should Join Our Judo Club

We practice Judo in a nurturing non-competitive environment. There is a syllabus of throws to learn, designed to ensure no-one gets hurt or is pushed to do anything they don't feel comfortable with and we like to have a fun family atmosphere.We aim to build ability and confidence, each individual progressing at their own speed, with an emphasis on relaxed co-operation.

Judo, which means 'Gentle Way', should be about technique rather than strength, yielding to use the strength used against you, and that is what we try to learn.

The Zen Judo syllabus is based upon traditional martial arts training where the focus is on mastering technique rather than focusing upon competition.

This is a 'NOT FOR PROFIT' Judo club and we are happy that interested people come and watch and or join in.

First session is free, subsequent sessions are £4.00 per person